Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breathless - SHAYNE WARD (Chorus)

You leave me breathless
You’re everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can’t believe that you’re mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you’re leaving me

But KNN!!!
You walked out of my dreams to tell me that you are in the wrong dream.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weight loss program 2009

Can you believe it. I went jogging yesterday.
Cause I wanna lose weight. You all might see the slim Mingrui again.
Trying to make it a point to jog every day. If possible, twice per day.
Losing 5KG in a month is a mission, not a dream.

Short Term Goal: 90KG
Long Term Goal: 80KG
Life time Goal: Maintain at 75KG

How far you go is how far you take.

Saw this phrase on a movie preview.
"How far you go is how far you take."
True and undeniable.
Fatigue and laziness are just an excuse for you not to go past your limit.
Sitting there and thinking of you ideas aren't going to take you anywhere either.
The only way to true success is to work through the process.
Chinese saying:"台上一分钟,台下十年工。” Same theory applies.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


04/11/2007 Night Heavy Rain
It was raining heavily outside as I took an umbrella from my attic.
Wore my favourite foot wear. (My yellow slippers)
Opened my umbrella using my right hand while I step out to the pouring rain.
My umbrella protects me like how a knight protect his king.
But the knight had meet his match. The rain eventually penatrates my umbrella.
Drop of water hit on my body and pierce through my heart.
Lightnings were seen before thunder were heard.
Any of those that hit me will kill me.
Car that zoom past me as I brisk through the road alone.
Alone. Lonely. Loneliness
I told myself that even the longest journey will end some day.
Time past quickly but not as quick as my thoughts.
I was thinking of the rewards that I would receive at the end of the road.
The road ends as I brought my body to its final destination.
My body was wet, my legs were drenched and both were tired.
It was an indian shop, an old indian old was tending the shop.
I walked towards him, whispered to him beside his ears.
I gave him some money as he handed me a box wrap with thin plastic.
I look at the box and said to myself, "Nothing beats Marlboro Menthol Lights"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2 days le...

2 days at work le... Haha... Starting to learn things till now... Yesterday took half of the day trying to file some paper... Cause there got a lot of files ma then each form need to be filed into the specfic file... Took quite some time sorting out the papers and finding the right file... When I ask around, how long do they need to sort out those papers... They all tell mi awhile only... Got 1 even say half hour... Damn!!! I must be damn slow... And never mind about the papers... When i log on to my workstation, my fellow temp staff who work there for a month already tells mi that my ID can only do 3 things in the mainframe for now... He say I can do more things later on when I work longer in the company... Sounds like need earn exp to do things... Level not enough... Abit like play DOTA like that... Level not more than 6 cannot cast ult... I just mention in the last post... There maybe got no chio bu... So let mi confirm this... There are really no chio bu... So the job really got not much benifit... The pentry also only got hot water... You want water other than hot water you need to get from the tap... Damn... So in the 2 days I always try to make myself drunk in the work... You know... 沉醉在事业上.. And must be damn 醉... Mention of drunk... Feel like clubing... Feel like dancing...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back by popular demand...

Hi... The J-Game is back... Due to the overwhealming responds of my readers, I have decided to renew my blog. So stop talking about the chicken wing... Anyway I am not there to save the chicken wing... Let it rot... It doesn't matters already... There is always another chicken wing out there... Anyway I got a temp job at CPF building doing admin already... If nothing bad happens, I will be working there starting from tuesday and I will put an end as a useless person... Will be needed to wear formal there... ZZZZ... Not that I don't like to wear smartly, just that the thought of wearing those clothes make me sweat... And worst of all, they all say the cpf building got no chio bu... They say those that works there are all aunties... Lol... I guess that a person's CPF contribution need to hit a certain level before getting employed there... Unless you are work as a temp staff... HAIZ... Well... Went to bugis today, saw a bunch of people crowding outside the car park of Bugis Junction... As a Singaporean, I and Dvan went in to join in the crowd... Stun!!! A lady was carrying a little boy in her arms... A middle age male was holding a lot of tissue paper covering the little boy's left foot... Judging from this, I concluded that the male and lady are the boy's parents and the boy's leg just kena rammed by a car... Tears was flowing out of the lady's eyes... Not used to see such scene, I decided to walk away... After a while, I decided to go to a corner to contribute my part to the PSI index... Then came the ambulance... Suddenly I saw a real ugly side of Singaporean... A black hearted man was trying to take a picture of the scene of the little boy getting into the ambulance... WTF!!! Damn... Really hope that that uncle will get his feet under the wheels of a 5 tonner one of these days... Damn that man, curse him, his camera and his leg...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chicken Wing...

I was walking alone one day as I saw a dog... It was bitting a chicken wing in his mouth as he walk past a long gang... The long gang was filled with water... The dog walked past it... He saw a reflection of himself... But that stupid dog thought that it was another dog bitting a chicken wing... Thinking that the dog in the water had a bigger chicken wing, the dog barked at the water dog to scare off the water dog so that he can snatch the water dog's chicken wing... Who knows once the dog opened his mouth his own chicken wing drop into the water... The dog in the end is left with nothing... What can be learnt from this story? Dont go and compare your stuff... What is yours is yours. Things that you own should be the best for the fact that it is attached to you... Once you compare and try to get a better one, you might end up with nothing... Chiam? Apply to love life and you get the idea...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006